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We all purchase CFLs to save energy and the planet. However, in return we get marginal energy savings and poor light quality that is hard on eyesight, mood and color rendering. CFLs flicker, strobe and buzz, a known cause of headaches, eye strain and, in some cases, even seizures. They create negative harmonics that harm expensive electronics like TVs and computers. They generate a significant electromagnetic field which is harmful to health, and they almost always burn out more quickly than advertised, filling landfills with mercury toxins and sending us back to the store to buy more bulbs.


What's the solution to this problem?

ECO-Lighting CFL with Quantum Photon Technology

These lamps have proprietary full spectrum wide-band quantum photo technology and a superior ballast design. The marriage of the technologies creates an unprecendented lighting system with the following advantages:

  • Flicker and strobe free, causing no distraction or headaches
  • Decreased electromagnetic field, creating a healthier home
  • Increased visual acuity and no eye fatigue
  • Quick start and silent, buzz free operation. (Sound rated A)
  • Highest efficiency available on the market. Power factor 92%-95%
  • Minimal harmonic distortion: Less than 3%
  • Simulates “natural” light, increasing spectrum density for true bright light, plant growth and health and perfect color rendering
  • Cooler operating temperature providing longer life than any other half-bridge fluorescent lamp
  • Guaranteed to reduce consumption: Up to 85% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps and up to 45% more energy efficient than standard magnetic ballasts

Eco Lighting Technology is unequaled in the marketplace, offering unmatched efficiency, true full spectrum light and incredible >90% power factor. You will not find this diverse combination of features with any competitor’s technology at any price.



  • 85% More Efficient
  • Low Harmonic Distortion
  • Reduced EMS
  • Dimmable Silent and Buzz Free
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Increased Visual Acuity
  • Natural Full Spectrum Light
  • High Power Quality and Long Life

60 W Replacement

  • 9W LED
  • Brightness- 800 Lumens
  • Estimated Life 25,000 hours
  • 8 Years
  • A19 Bulbs/E26 Base


BR30 Bulb

  • E26 Base
  • 11W LED
  • 65 W Replacement
  • Brightness 850 Lumens 
  • Energy Star & UL Listed
  • Soft White 
  • Dimmable


  • E26 Base
  • 17 W  LED
  • 100 W Re3placement
  • Brightness 1400 Lumens
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    Was the only contractor to actually come to property to... read more

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    Nice people!!

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    Very courteous

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    They are very professional on time and courteous. Gene... read more

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    They know what they are doing and do it well!

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    Relevant Energy Solutions was quick to schedule my free estimate... read more

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    They were quick about getting the job done. ... read more

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    Very thorough installation. I?m very pleased with results

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    Great communication and scheduling! Came out did the job in... read more

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  • Dean B.
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    Fast, efficient and friendly. Great service and product.

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    Very knowledgeable

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    The company was highly professional in all aspects of my... read more

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    Everyone that I spoke to was very professional and nice.... read more

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    Hard workers, cleaned the area up, very nice guys

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    Had the ultimate blanket intalled. It comes with a lifetime... read more

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    They were prompt and professional.

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    Very good the workers were well trained and very pleasant

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  • Was the only contractor to actually come to property to give estimate. Very fair price!

    Al K.
  • Gene is very knowledgeable about the product. Would definitely use them again in the future.

    James C.
  • Gene reviewed my insulation concerns, made three different options and explained each well. I did not go with his preferred... read more

    John G.
  • Nice people!!

    Donna H.
  • Very courteous

    L T.
  • They are very professional on time and courteous. Gene Told me and showed me a picture of a water... read more

    Thomas B.
  • They know what they are doing and do it well!

    Carl K.
  • Relevant Energy Solutions was quick to schedule my free estimate and even quicker to schedule and complete the job. Very... read more

    Chris L.
  • They were quick about getting the job done. And cleaned everything up.

    Patrisha J.
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